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South Carolina Arts Commission Budget Request

You can show your support for the arts at our annual Arts Advocacy Day on February 7th at the Statehouse. Click here for more information.

Status of Funding: Right now the SCAC funding request is in the Economic Development & Natural Resources Subcommittee of the House Ways & Means Committee. We will keep you posted as it moves through the legislative process.

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$750,000 in General Funds

1) General Operating Support Grants
While the Agency saw level funding this current fiscal year, and currently grants out 78% of its total state allocation (well above its requirement to grant out 70%), the number of requests to the SCAC for General Operating Support grants saw 25 new applicants this year. So while the total pool of funds remained the same, the Agency had to reduce the average grant award to accommodate new and qualified applicants. This increase would help raise the average award closer to historic grant records while also creating room for even more new applicants expected this coming fiscal year.
2) The Art of Community: Rural SC
This past year, the SCAC piloted a new program, “The Art of Community”, in the federally designated “Promise Zone” in South Carolina. Our state is home to one of only two Promise Zones located in rural areas of the country, covering six counties in the southeast corner of the state. The program worked in areas where there is little to no arts infrastructure to bring community partners together to address challenges associated with economic, educational, health, and leadership initiatives in local communities. Launched with start up funds from the USDA, new money requested by the SCAC will allow the program to continue to positively impact these underserved areas and become a national model.
3) Professional Development
This new funding would also go to support new professional development initiatives throughout South Carolina for those in the creative industries. This includes addressing needs of the for- and nonprofit creative sector and of individual artists. Many arts organizations and businesses have small staffs, requiring employees to fulfill multiple duties at a high level, similar to other small businesses. By supporting expanded professional development opportunities, the SCAC can better prepare the arts workforce in our communities.

$500,000 in Education Improvement Act – Partnership Funds

1) Arts in Basic Curriculum Project
The ABC Project currently impacts over 150,000 students in 67 schools and districts across the state. With applications from schools increasing every year, these numbers will only go higher. Funding increases will support the ABC grants to schools across the state.
2) Arts Education Projects
Projects that involve community partners and schools are eligible for this special arts education funding. New increases would expand this project as currently 30% of applicants are not able to be funded.
3) Rural Arts Education
Increase arts-based instruction in poor and rural areas through targeted pilot projects that support Read to Succeed and provide arts learning to students who currently have little or no access to quality arts instruction. Provide opportunities for small rural districts to share an Arts Coordinator position.