2016 Election Results

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  The 2016 election wrapped up very early this morning, with the presidential call coming around 2:30am. Over the course of the night we monitored every race that impacts South Carolina, from the State House to the White House. We at the SCAA look forward to working all newly elected officials and those returning for […]

Follow Election Results

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It’s election night! Follow the results at the links below to have up-to-the minute results all night long!   National Races: Politico’s Election Results SC State House & Senate Races: AP – SC Election Tracking* For County elections / referendums, refer to your County’s Election Commission website as most will post results as they are […]

Your Election Ballot


Want to see what your local ballot will look like in a few weeks? Click the link below and put in your full address. The SC Election Commission has a great tool on their website that gives you your full sample ballot! Be sure to research your candidates, or even reach out and ask them […]

We’re Re-Branding!


The SCAA is currently going through a re-branding process to refresh our look, our programming, and our approach to our work. In May, our Board of Directors adopted a new Strategic Plan that points our organization in an exciting direction that builds on our past and makes room for new programs and services to better […]

Election Backpack


We’re one month out from the 2016 Presidential election! As the polls solidify, candidates traverse the country in a whirlwind travel schedule, and the news becomes even more saturated with political stories (believe it or not), a lot of us just want to draw our own conclusions and make our own predictions. And if you’re like me, […]

Presidential Debate #1


The first presidential debate takes place tonight at 9pm. The highly anticipated match up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to draw a Super Bowl level audience of over 100 million viewers around the world. If you can’t make it to a TV, you can live stream the debate below! The debate tonight […]

Website Update


Just a Friendly PSA We will be updating our website over the next few weeks, and will have a major overhaul around Christmas. Apologies in advance for the changing landscape, but we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline, so bear with us!

Meet Our New Executive Director!

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Hello! My name is George Patrick “GP” McLeer, and as of July 1, I am the new Executive Director of the South Carolina Arts Alliance!  I am terribly excited to work with all of you to help strengthen the arts in our communities and our state. The arts have always been a part of my […]

Stronger Together…Through the Arts


Stronger Together…Through the Arts Over the last two weeks we have looked at how the arts can help address some of the major topics of conversation in our nation. We saw how the arts can help “Make America Safe Again” by being a tool to prevent crime and a resource in our time of healing after […]