Art works in South Carolina

Advocacy: Art Works in South Carolina

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Arts Advocacy Day is February 2, 2016. Register Online or Print the Form

When asked what makes the biggest impression on Legislators about the arts and especially arts organizations, policymakers at the state and national levels tell us the two following factors:

  • Successful programs in the arts and arts education that reflect service to a diverse, broad-based constituency within our classrooms and our communities.
  • The economic impact of the arts – how your community is able to leverage federal, state, local and private funds to serve constituents.

Therefore, we must tell our stories in rural and urban communities across our state and we must tell them over and over again. Advocacy should be part of your mission.

There are 4 Ways to Participate

  1. Become a member. Submit your  membership application online or download and mail your application.
  2. Be there. Visit the Statehouse. When you meet and greet your Legislators, you put a face on the arts.
  3. Register to attend the Arts Alliance’s Legislative Appreciation Luncheon. Held annually in February at the Capital City Club we provide an opportunity for you to eat lunch with your Legislators and let them know about the important work you do and why it’s important to fund the arts and arts education in our state. (See: 2015_AAD_What_To_Expect ).
  4. Participate virtually. Email your legislators in support of state funding for the arts and arts education, and let your legislators know your success stories and that you appreciate their support. To assist you, see our updated legislative lists here, which you can print, save and share in pdf format.

Art works in South Carolina – in our schools and in our communities.