Tuesday, February 6

11:00am | Performance @ the Statehouse (Front Steps)

11:30am | Rally @ the Statehouse

1:00pm - 2:30pm  |  Legislative Luncheon

Arts Advocacy Day Priorities

Arts In Our Communities

Supporting the work of the South Carolina Arts Commission and the funds granted by the agency to nonprofit arts organizations and other community groups to ensure that all South Carolinians have access to the arts.

Supporting an increase of $500,000 in recurring funds for the South Carolina Arts Commission to expand the reach and impact of their granting programs, provide professional development opportunities for artists and arts leaders, and to increase their focus on rural communities across the state.

Supporting public policy that strengthens the South Carolina business community, including artists and nonprofit organizations.

Supporting efforts to empower local communities to use arts and culture as a tool for economic development, tourism, and to address community issues.

Arts Education

Supporting an increase of $500,000 through EIA Partnership funding for the expansion of the Arts in Basic Curriculum Project and to empower schools and community organizations to strengthen their education efforts for all children through the arts.

The SCAA has endorsed “The Profile of the South Carolina Graduate” and encourages efforts that embrace the world class knowledge, skills, life and career characteristics set forth in the Profile, embodied in the arts.

Supporting recommendations by the House Education Policy & Reform Task Force which call for engaging comprehensive and integrated arts education programs within the school day and through afterschool and summer opportunities.

Supporting the SC Department of Education and their work on implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act which states that the arts are part of the “well rounded education” required for the 21st century.

  • Parking - Columbia has plenty of public garages located around the Statehouse. The closest garage, that also connects to the same building as the Capital City Club, is located on Lady Street. Be prepared to pay a nominal fee for parking.
  • Over 300 Student Performers from Richland District 2 will take their place on the front Statehouse steps (facing Gervais Street) by 11:00am to perform a selection of songs to start the day off!
  • Gather by 11:30am - The House meets at 12pm on Tuesdays. Gather in the Lobby of the Statehouse to greet them on their way in. The Senate convenes at 2pm on Tuesdays, and so we will see many of them at the luncheon prior to the start of their session. you will want to enter on the Sumter Street side of the Statehouse - follow the signs for “public entrance”.
  • Meet Advocates - You’ll be joined at the Statehouse by other arts advocates like yourself including artists, administrators, educators, volunteers, students, and others.
  • Get Your Gear - You are welcome to bring signs that encourage positive support of the arts. Please be sure the signs are courteous in nature and positive towards the arts. The SCAA will also have “Arts Advocate” buttons for everyone to wear and to pass out to legislators. Small business cards with policy priorities for the year will also be available to pass out.
  • Greet Legislators - As they enter the Lobby, encourage members of the General Assembly to support the arts this legislative session and thank them for their support previously. If you know your home district’s representative or senator and see them, talk to them about the upcoming “asks” for the arts - and don’t forget to get a picture with them and post it to social media (and email it to us!).
  • Remind Legislators - Don’t forget to remind legislators about the Legislative Appreciation Luncheon across the street at 1pm! Ask them if they are attending. If you are their constituent, be sure to let them know that you’ll be looking for them!
  • Be Mindful - The Statehouse is a busy place. Both the Lobby and upstairs foyer can get crowded as both Chambers get ready to go into session. Be mindful of other groups who may be advocating for their causes and respect everyone’s right to be there!
  • Be Recognized - Members of the Legislative Arts Caucus will recognize our group of advocates from their respective podiums once they are in session. Head upstairs a little after 12pm to grab a seat in the public gallery to be there when we are recognized! (Seating is limited!)
  • Get to the Luncheon - You’ll want to leave the Statehouse no later than 12:45pm to walk over to the Capital City Club for the luncheon. The Capital City Club is located on the 25th (top) floor of the building directly across the street from the Statehouse (across Gervais Street).
  • Location - The Luncheon is held at the Capital City Club located on the 25th floor of the building across the street from the Statehouse - 1201 Main Street.
  • Check-In - When you arrive, be sure to pick up your name tag and find a table for your area of the state. Tables are separated into Upstate, Midlands, and Lowcountry areas to ensure that you sit with Legislators who represent your area. There are two (2) chairs per table reserved for Legislators as they arrive. Please leave these open and let our volunteers seat legislators as they arrive.
  • Eat Up - Salads and desserts will be preset upon your arrival. Feel free to eat as your table fills up. Entrees will be served during the program.
  • Heads Up - Legislators will be arriving and leaving throughout the event. We will pause at various points to introduce members as they arrive, allowing them to voice their support of the arts.
  • Fair Warning - Due to last minute meetings being called or busy schedules, your legislator may not be able to make the Luncheon. Other legislators may come because their schedule just opened up unexpectedly. But that’s okay! If your legislator was unable to attend, or you didn’t see them, be sure to email your legislator afterwards about all of the great things they missed and encourage them to support the arts this session. If you did see them, be sure to thank them afterwards!
  • Take Photos - Feel free to take photos throughout the event! Post them to social media and encourage others to do the same!