Art works in South Carolina

About the South Carolina Arts Alliance

The South Carolina Arts Alliance (SCAA) is a private, non-profit statewide assembly of arts organizations, educators, administrators, business and private individuals, that serves its constituency by providing advocacy, resources and technical services. We are South Carolina’s leading arts policy advocacy organization.¬†2015-2016 SCAA Board Contact List


The South Carolina Arts Alliance serves the arts through leadership development and advocacy throughout South Carolina.


The South Carolina Arts Alliance, the state’s primary, private sector arts coalition, envisions that it will strengthen its capacity to:

  • Develop leadership to advance the arts
  • Inform public policy development
  • Advocate effectively for public sector support of the arts and arts education


  1. Develop Leadership
  2. Influence Public Policy
  3. Support Advocacy
  4. Increase Funding
  5. Enhance Communications
  6. Strengthen Core Capacity


Formed in 1979, as the South Carolina Alliance of Community Arts, it was originally conceived as a vehicle for networking among local arts council administrators. The group was intended to work in partnership with the state arts agency in its efforts to assist and support local arts organizations and to promote and develop cultural activities in South Carolina. More…