President Trump Calls for Elimination of NEA

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On February 12, the President released his Executive Budget proposal. The $4 trillion proposal includes the elimination of all funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

The NEA’s current budget is around $148 million, or just 0.004% of the total US budget. The NEA provides grants to every congressional district in the US and is the only government agency with a mission dedicated to the advancement of the arts for all Americans. Forty percent (40%) of all NEA funds go directly to state arts agencies where they are matched with state funds and granted to communities across every state. Additionally, the nonprofit arts sector supports over 4 million jobs, and the arts and cultural production sector of the US contributes 4.2% of the nation’s GDP, or $729 billion.


Read a statement from the NEA here.

In 2017, the President called for the elimination of the NEA, however both the House and Senate proposed funding for the agency – $145 million and $150 million respectively.


What’s Next

The President’s budget is merely a proposal. The federal budget process starts in the House of Representatives, and then goes to the Senate before a final deal is worked out.

Action You Can Take

  1. Email your Congressional representatives and let them know that you support the arts.
  2. Join us in Washington DC, March 12-13 for National Arts Advocacy Day.
  3. SHARE this message and encourage your friends to contact their elected officials.

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