Gov. McMaster Proposed Arts Funding in FY2019

On January 8, Gov. Henry McMaster released his proposed FY2019 Executive Budget (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019). This budget represents the priorities the Governor sets for the year. While the Legislature ultimately writes and passes a budget, the Governor always proposes their own version of the budget to encourage legislators to set budget goals that align with the executive branch.

In his FY2019 Executive Budget, the Governor has proposed funding for the arts that reflects level funding except excluding $350,000 that was restored by the House and Senate by overriding the Governor’s veto earlier in January.

Arts Commission: $4.5 million (page 64, line 28)
Education Improvement Act – Arts Education Funds: $1,070,000 (page 44)


Click here to read the full budget proposal.


Next Steps: The Governor’s Executive Budget is merely a proposal to the Legislature. The House Ways & Means Committee will begin having budget hearings as soon as they return to the Statehouse this month for all state agencies. From there, they will compile a full budget proposal which the House and Senate will consider, ultimately resulting in a final budget proposal being approved by early May which will then go to the Governor where he will be able to issue vetoes.


On June 12, 2017, Gov. McMaster vetoed $350,000 in new funds for arts grants. That veto is up for a vote upon the return of the Legislature this week. Click here to learn more.