Say Hello to CreativeSC!

Leadership Development for Creatives

The first and only statewide leadership development program for the entire creative sector.

After over a year of planning, we’re so excited to unveil our newest program at the SC Arts Alliance, CreativeSC.

In 2016 the SCAA updated its mission statement and created a new strategic plan. Both of those included a renewed focus and commitment to providing leadership development for the entire field (artists, teachers, administrators, designers, marketers, makers, etc). So we created CreativeSC as a way to not only prepare better advocates through professional development, but also as an access point for any creative to engage in our mission.

CreativeSC has three tiers of leadership development: Networking, Workshops / Forums, and the Creative Class.

Networking: The most basic way to engage with the SCAA and with the entire creative field. Around two networking events will be held each year, typically coinciding with large statewide events. Open to anyone interested.

Workshops / Forums: Covering a variety of topics from board governance, to healthcare for artists, to how tech and the arts intersect, annually we will host or partner on anywhere from 4-6, or more, workshops throughout the year where you can start to dive a little deeper into the industry. Our first one is October 20 in Spartanburg! Open to the public, but SCAA Lead Advocate members receive discounts.

Creative Class: Coming in late 2018 / early 2019, this selective leadership program will give a select group of creative leaders high levels of trainings and experiences over the course of about a year that include institutes at SC universities, immersion programs in local communities, national and state advocacy opportunities, and more. Open only to SCAA Lead Advocate / Creative Partner members.


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A big thank you to our partners in this program: the SC Arts Commission, Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, TogetherSC, and others to be announced soon. This is truly a statewide effort!