Know Before You Go


Coming to Advocacy Day on Tuesday, February 7?

Yes? Awesome. (No? Click Here) We can’t wait to see you. We’ve got a few things you can do before you come to the Statehouse though!

    Registration will end by Sunday evening. If you’re attending the Legislative Luncheon, you NEED to reserve your spot ahead of time! Click Here to register.
  2. Who’s Who?
    Find out who your state legislators are! You’ll want to know who to look for while at the Statehouse and at the Luncheon!
  3. What’s the Ask?
    Click Here to view a detailed breakdown of arts funding requests in the Legislature this year. Have questions? Contact us.
  4. Refresh Your Skills
    Visit our “Advocacy Resources” webpage to refresh your memory on Advocacy Basics.
  5. What to Expect
    Click Here to get up to speed on parking and event logistics.
  1. “Arts Advocate” Facebook Profile Picture!
    Before you come to Columbia, go ahead and to customize your Facebook profile picture and show your support for the arts in South Carolina! Click Here to change your picture!
  2. Get Your Friends Involved!
    On Advocacy Day (Tuesday), copy and paste the following message on to your Facebook, Twitter, blog or website and encourage your friends to sign up for our email newsletters, and to take action on their own (be sure to include the hyperlink in your post)!

COPY / PASTE / POST: “Today is Arts Advocacy Day in South Carolina! Click below to find out more about how to support the arts this year.  Let’s make the arts stronger in South Carolina!