Can’t Go? No Problem!


So you couldn’t make it to Arts Advocacy Day this year…Darn.

But you can still make an important impact today from your own home or office! Yay!

Here are some actions you can take right now to support the arts in South Carolina:

  1. Support the SC Arts Alliance!
    Click Here to help us advocate for more arts support in South Carolina and in the United States!
  2. Get an “Arts Advocate” Facebook Profile Picture!
    Customize your Facebook profile picture and show your support for the arts in South Carolina! Click Here to change your picture!
  3. Take Action!
    Visit our new Action Center on Advocacy Day to send a pre-written “Thank You” note to your state legislator for their service and encourage them to support the arts this session. Note: This will only be available on February 7 (Advocacy Day). 
  4. Get Your Friends Involved!
    On Advocacy Day (Tuesday), post the following message on your Facebook, Twitter, blog or website and encourage your friends to sign up for our email newsletters, and to take action on their own (be sure to include the hyperlink in your post)!

COPY / PASTE / POST: “Today is Arts Advocacy Day in South Carolina! Click below to find out more about how to support the arts this year. Let’s make the arts stronger in South Carolina!