Presidential Debate #1

The first presidential debate takes place tonight at 9pm. The highly anticipated match up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to draw a Super Bowl level audience of over 100 million viewers around the world.

If you can’t make it to a TV, you can live stream the debate below!

The debate tonight is centered around three themes:

Achieving Prosperity
Securing America
America’s Direction

The arts are a part of the solution to our country’s most pressing issues, and fit easily into tonight’s debate themes.

We know that communities that invest in the arts are more prosperous. Public art programs, performance venues, community theatre, live music opportunities, art classes for all ages, and architecture are all strategies used by communities to create more vibrancy and attract more people to do business, visit, move, and enjoy the area.

Integrating the arts into military strategies, such as the “Ghost Army” of WWII, are still in use today. Creative technology is engrained in our military’s success. But beyond the application of our security, the arts are vital when working with returning Veterans and their families. From Blue Star Museums and Theaters, to medical programs that use the arts as a tool for therapy and rehabilitation, to programs around the country where Veterans gather around their love for the arts.

America’s direction is heavily dependent upon the future of our children. A stronger education means a brighter future for our country. The arts are vital to giving students a well-rounded education and instills many world class skills and characteristics that are required of a 21st century workforce. Creative problem solving, team building, perseverance, experimentation, and confidence are engrained in arts education.

As you watch the debate tonight, and as you watch the candidates campaign in these final weeks of the election cycle, look for ways the arts can positively impact the issues that are affecting our country and your community – and advocate for them to be a part of every candidate’s platform.