Stronger Together…Through the Arts

Stronger Together…Through the Arts

Over the last two weeks we have looked at how the arts can help address some of the major topics of conversation in our nation.

We saw how the arts can help “Make America Safe Again” by being a tool to prevent crime and a resource in our time of healing after tragedy.

We looked at how to “Make America Work Again” by understanding the role the arts play in our nation’s economy and workforce.

A peak into the role the arts play in education, the military, the economy, and quality of life helped us understand how to “Make America First Again“.

The artistic unifiers our citizens use to rally behind one anther was the focus of how to “Make America One Again“.

We imagined how the arts can help a small community come alive by helping citizens stand “United Together“.

The impact of arts education was a major theme when we discussed how the arts help in a “Lifetime Fighting for Families and Children“.

When we talked about “Working Together“, we focused on how the arts can be used in conjunction with other fields to solve the issues of today.

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions have given us a great platform to discuss how the arts help move our country forward and their involvement in almost every facet of American life and politics. As we continue through this year’s election cycle, it is important for us to not forget how we can use the arts as a tool to help achieve our vision for America, regardless of our party affiliation.

Without a doubt, we are “Stronger Together” when we weave the arts into our national conversations and policies.


Thank you all for following along these past two weeks!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8 —- don’t forget to vote!


The 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania begins today. Through Thursday, July 28, the Democratic Party will focus on a series of issues to be addressed by various party leaders, celebrities, and political figures, and ultimately will solidify Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for President.

The Convention is held over four days, and each day the DNC has chosen a theme for the party to reflect on as it approves its party platform and its candidate. The theme for each day is as follows:

Monday: United Together
Tuesday: A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families
Wednesday: Working Together
Thursday: Stronger Together

We’ll be following the Democratic Convention throughout the week, to see if / how the party platforms include the arts in their solutions to our country’s future.

With that in mind, we’ll be posting a new blog each day of the convention. For the Democratic Convention, we’ve taken their daily themes and added “…Through the Arts” to demonstrate how the arts can address each day’s topic of choice.

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