Lifetime Fighting for Families & Children…Through the Arts


Lifetime Fighting for Children & Families…Through the Arts

Ask any family, and without a doubt, the number one thing they name as a key to the success of their children is a quality education. Education is the tool used by all of us to open doors, to solve problems, and lift up our families.

When we talk about creating jobs, we are talking about a better education. We are talking about stronger families, we are talking about a better education. And when you talk about a better education, we are talking about an education that includes the arts.

Creating a better prepared workforce in this century, now more than ever, requires us to include the arts. Ask any employer about their top candidate for a job and they will name soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem solving, as attributes desired for their ideal employee.

Some of the proudest moments for a parent are the moments they see their children create something new. Whether it’s a macaroni picture on the fridge, or a speech given in front of the the entire student body, or hearing the national anthem played by their child during the homecoming football game. The arts provide countless opportunities for families to celebrate the individually and uniqueness of their children.

Time and time again it has been proven that an education that includes the arts provides a pathway to success in the workplace, in the home, and in the community. From better test scores, to an understanding of various cultures, to the ability to articulate a concept and translate it into something tangible, the arts have a distinct role to play in our modern education.

As we look to the future of education in our country the inclusion and integration of the arts in the school day and after school will be critical in positioning our children and our families for success.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania begins today. Through Thursday, July 28, the Democratic Party will focus on a series of issues to be addressed by various party leaders, celebrities, and political figures, and ultimately will solidify Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for President.

The Convention is held over four days, and each day the DNC has chosen a theme for the party to reflect on as it approves its party platform and its candidate. The theme for each day is as follows:

Monday: United Together
Tuesday: A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families
Wednesday: Working Together
Thursday: Stronger Together

We’ll be following the Democratic Convention throughout the week, to see if / how the party platforms include the arts in their solutions to our country’s future.

With that in mind, we’ll be posting a new blog each day of the convention. For the Democratic Convention, we’ve taken their daily themes and added “…Through the Arts” to demonstrate how the arts can address each day’s topic of choice.

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